Les Photos d'İstanbul-Eminonu

Ma belle İstanbul...



Mosquée Neuve

Mosquée Neuve


Le pont du Galata


Le pont du Galata

Galata-Le Pecheur

Eminonu-Le Pecheur


I Have Something for You! A Fountain!!

I'm sure that we all love gifts. Sometimes we received crappy presents, sometimes well thought of ones.
For instance I always try to keep people's wishes in my mind and when the special occasion arrives I try to buy what my friends want.

But at the end of day I'm a normal humanbeing, not a highborn one or not a rich one. Hence my gifts are also ordinary, no room for suprises!

Ok, think of it you are Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert von Preußen (Wilhelm II), kaiser of Germany and Prussia

Wilhelm II, picture *wikipedia

With all your majesty and nobility you'll give a gift to Sultan of Ottoman Empire Abdulhamid II. So what would be that gift? Of course a fountain!

The fountain
This gift was built to represent friendship between Germany and Ottoman Empire. Fountain was opened at the birtday of Wilhelm II and it was prepared in Germany and assembled in İstabul

It is located in Sultanahmet, Hippodrome.





Do you need a bath?

Do you take a bath every day? Believe me after a “Hamam” experience you’ll feel like you never had bath before.  

So I would like to share my first hamam experience with you. 

Me and my beloved cousin took the tramway from Beşiktaş, got off at Çemberlitaş Station and went to Çemberlitaş Hamam.

At the entrance you’ll see a price list, they’ll offer you so many services but, I recommend you to take the regular one (I also took the massage but it was not that much necessary).

At the entrance you’ll make the payment and lady sitting at the cash register will give you black panties and a nice washing glove.

We took the panties and washing glove and headed to women’s section.  There, a lady will show a place to take off your clothes and give you loin cloth.
After undressing ourselves and winding our loin cloth we headed to main part which is hamam itself.

Ok It’s going to be humid and hot but this is something good for your skin, stay as much as you can.

Here are some hamam tips for you;

1.       Wait at the stream 20 minutes

2.       Then you’ll be washed by bath attendants, it will take approximately 15 minutes

After finishing all those steps, your skin will be softer, shiner, bloodstream will speed up and you’ll get rid of your dead skin.
While all those bathing ladies walking around freely of course It is not allowed to take pictures there and men and women sections are saperated.

But of course I would like a little talk about Çemberlitas Hamam and hamam culture of Turks. 
Çemberlitaş Hamam was built by Sinan the Architect, upon request of Nurbanu Sultan. She was wife to Selim the Second and mother of Murat the Third.  Hamam was built in order to bring in money Valide-i Atik Charity Complex.

Çemberlitaş  is the first public hamam. After Çemberlitaş Hamam, number of public hamams were increased.

When it comes to hamam culture, of course this tradition is not just belongs to Turks or Ottomans. Hamam tradition belongs to one of first owners of Anatolia, to Romans.
Hamams had an important place in life of Ottomans.  The reason behind it is religion. Because one of the orders of the Quran is to be clean.

But I believe in another reason, hamams were perfect places to become socialized.  Men and women were meeting in hamams (of course at men and women sections were separated), chatting, having fun.




A Hidden Gem

Let’s travel amoung the time; you are at Europe and  living in centuries between 14. and 20. How many maritime countries you can count? Italy, Spain, Portugal, England?

You can add another famous maritime country amoung those stars;  Ottaman Empire.  During centuries between 15. and 16. Ottaman Empire had the most powerful naval force.

Empire controled all Mediterranean Sea and The Mediterranean became a “Turkish Lake”.

Ottoman Naval Forces defeated Venice and ended 16 years of war. All Greek Islands in the Aegen See were captured,  with Battal of Preveze crusader army  under the leader ship of Andrea Doria was also defeated. Genoese dominance in Aegen Sea was ended with Malta victory.

Of course Empire had so many succesful maritime commanders. The most famous commander is Piri Reyis.  Almost everybody knows who is Christopher Columbus, for instance at primary school we didn’t who is Piri Reis but I knew that Christopher Columbus discovered Americas.  Ottoman Empire is the most important part of Turkish History but we can not introduce to world a great maritime commander like Piri Reis. For instance UNESCO declared 2013 “the year of Piri Reis”.

So why he is so important? I’ll try to tell.

Great Piri Reis drew a map in 1513. But this was not an ordinary map. First of all, the map (see below)  is the oldest map which shows Americas.  
Exhibited at Topkapi Palace
Piri Reis himself never went to Americas but he drew the continent and its surroundings in detail. At 1513 Peru wasn’t discovered yet but Piri Reis drew And Mountains. While Piri Reis was drawing the map he took side notes.  At those notes he mentioned about  Christopher Columbus and benefited “maps of Christopher Columbus” during his studies.  All of The Christopher Columbus Maps are lost, so Map of Piri Reis gives remarkable information about Columbus Maps.

A country which has a succesful maritime history of course has a great maritime museum. In the museum you’ll see well-preserved imperial caiques, sailboats, world’s biggest galiot but not battleships (:


Enterance fee is 6 TL (almost 2 Euros). There is a cafe and museum shop in the museum.

Some photos from museum;



Can I eat more "pasteis de belem"? (Last Part)

Don't you ever think leaving Lisbon without visiting Sintra!!!

Sintra is within boundaries of Lisbon but you can reach there by train within 1 hour. From Rossio train station you can take your train to Sintra.After train depends on your wish you can take the bus to Cascais or Pena National Palace.(Bus passes all over Sintra, it is like a small city tour bus).
Our plan was first to visit Pena National Palace than  Cascais. But unfortunately or because of me, we could not visit Cascais. I spent so much time to take pictures, examine everything in Pena National Palace. So if you don't want to miss anything like me, spare to 2 days for Sintra.

Pena National Palace is not huge but has a different architecture. Palace is one of 7 wonders of Portugal and according to the guide book it is one of examples of romantic architecture

Palace has an eclectic architecture. For instance the door you see above belongs to Islamic Art.
Below, you can see some "gothic art"

Back Yard

Sintra is located next to the Atlantic Ocean, so it was used as coastal resort by royal family.
Pena Palace was their summer house and now it is in UNESCO Wold Heritage list. It is built on  Monte da Pena, so the view is amazing.

A bit of ocean breeze

Royal family escaped from palace at 1940 and interior decoration was protected as how royal family left when they escaped.

Queen used to sit here


It's time for a cup of tea

Isn't it elegant?
 I loved Sintra the most. Maybe just because it reminded me of Prince Islands of İstanbul. I felt like I'm home.

Speaking of Price Islands here is a link for you learn much about Price Islands http://www.istanbulislands.com/ and if you are in Istanbul send me an e-mail If  it is weekend I can show around you İstanbul.


There is a small cafe in the Palace. If you feel tired you can have a cup of coffee, eat some "pasteis de belem" and enjoy the view of Atlantic Ocean. Entrance fee is 9.50 Euros, with Lisbon card you'll have 2 Euros discount. You'll go back to center with the same bus you come to Palace, but we waited the bus to come almost one hour. Thus it would be better to walk.


Le Tour Du Bosphore

Il y a 600 demeure au Boshore. 
Si vous êtes au Istanbul, vous pouvez prendre une bateau du voyage et visiter Le Bosphore et ses demeures. Aujourd'hui J'ai rejoint une bateau du voyage, J'ai pris des tas de photos.
C'était très amusant...


Quand Je regarde au le Bosphore, Je veux être riche

Cette maison a appartenu Sait Halim Paşa



Can I eat more "pasteis de belem"? (Part-2)

It's has been for a while since I wrote my blog.

I'm deeply sorry for that but I can not keep the balance between my social and professional life. But I can not help it. There is too much work to do, but not enough manpower to finish all those things.
At the end, years and days are passing by and I'm spending my life in a small, boring office room.

Unhappily we do not make time for things which make life worth to live.

But thanks God, I can travel, idea of travelling is keeping me alive.

Now It's time to talk about yummy things like "pasteis de belém".

There is small patisserie in Belém famous with is "pasteis de belém".  Pasteis de belem is a yummy, crispy tart. The formula of the desert is secret. Formula is not written, only two privileged people at the earth know the secret recipe (I guess two, could be three).

When you go to patisserie, a long queue will welcome you. If you don't like to wait I suggest you to go there early in morning.

But please note that if you like chocolate desserts there is a slightest possibility to dislike the tart.

It's funny, I now realized that I was so busy with eating pasteis de belem haven't taken any pictures of them (:

After eating my pasteis de belems, we headed to Mosteiro dos Jeronimos - Jeronimos Monastery. Jeronimos Monastery is in UNESCO World Heritage List

Monastery and us

Due to its fame, there was a huge queue in front of monastery. Instead of waiting we went to Berardo Museum, Museum of modern and contemporary art.

I love art but I have no clue about modern art. There was no guide who can just explain the meaning of pictures that we were looking at.
So I read the signs, looked at the pictures. They were nice but I can not tell you more (:

But Museum has a huge collection If you like modern art and can understand it I strongly recommend you to visit museum.

You can nice pieces of Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali.

A bit of Warhol

 After spending like 1.5 hours in Berardo Museum, the queue in front of monastery was not bad at all. After entering the garden of monastery we have noticed If you want to visit only the monastery you don't have to queue.

Inside of Monastery

Inside of Monastery

But I recommend you to visit the Garden.


Birdview of garden

After having a nice tour around Belem we walk to Ajuda. Actually we climbed the Ajuda, didn't want to take a cab, couldn't catch the bus so decided to walk. But Ajuda is at the peakest place of Belem.

I loved Ajuda, it's a nice town with nice tile pavement apartments and of course there is also a palace- Ajuda National Palace

My "I did it" face after climbing a steep

Nice tiles

25 de abril Bridge

 We have spent so much time in Belem and Ajuda, Torre de Belem was closed. Tower of Belem was built to protect Lisbon port at 16. century.

The tower is example of late Portuguese Gothic art and also in UNESCO World Heritage List.

After Torre de Belem we visited Padroa Dos Descobrimentos which means Monument to the Discoveries.

 Padroa Dos Descobrimentos- Western Side

Monument was dedicated to people who had major geographic expedition in Portuguese History.

Main statue represent Henry the Navigator. He got the navigator nick name after his death. He played a major role in development of European Maritime.

You can see Vasco da Gama at Eastern side of monument.

Padroa Dos Descobrimentos- Eastern Side